Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brahma Resolves Conflict Peacefully

Once, the Devas and Demons were fighting as to who is superior among them.
Then, the creator Brahma arrived there and asked them what the matter was.
Devas and Demons explained the cause of their fight. Then Brahma said he would keep a test for them and whoever wins in that would be the winner. OK!
All the Devas and Demons were seated around a huge banquet table. The finest foods were piled high on the table. “What a feast! ” all of them thought.

But, Brahma did a Magic. So they were all starving! You see, each diner (both Devas and the Demons) had been given chopsticks which were three feet long! There was no way they could carry the food to their mouths with these long chopsticks. No one could eat a bite. Sitting so close to a banquet and yet be unable to taste even a bite.
Then, suddenly, the Devas started using their yard long chopsticks to feed each other while the Demons remained in shock watching the Devas. Then, Demons automatically agreed that they can never be superior to the Devas.

What made the Devas superior to the Demons? It is their Unity and the innate helping nature that is within them made them superior to Demons.

Moral :United we win and divided we suffer.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Brahma Dhanus

Vidura, known for his piety, performs rigorous penance and obtains a bow - the Brahma Dhanus from Brahma, the God of Creation. It is an indestructible weapon. If Vidura retains the bow, Duryodhana would be successful in the Kurukshetra battle. When Krishna goes as the Pandava emissary to meet the Kauravas, all the assembled nobles invite Krishna to their houses. But Krishna chooses to eat and rest at Vidura’s house. Duryodhana burns with jealousy that Krishna has sought the company of Vidura, a courtier. At the assembly the next day, Duryodhana chastises Vidura, ‘Krishna has come as the messenger of my foe. You have taken him to your house and revealed the secrets of the Kaurava army’. But Vidura has not mentioned anything. He reveres Krishna as God.

Krishna seizes this opportune moment knowing that Vidura would be emotionally disturbed since Duryodhana has insulted him in front of the other courtiers. He tells Vidura, ‘Please do not act impulsively for any reason. Don’t be hasty, as Duryodhana has spoken only in anger. Do not break the Brahma Dhanus that you have obtained after such severe austerities.’ Krishna achieves what he wants by such subtle provocations. Vidura says to Duryodhana, ‘This is the right treatment for such a scoundrel as you’ and breaks the Brahma Dhanus in front of Duryodhana. This is how one voluntarily spoils whatever chances he has. The bow that was obtained after such penance, did not benefit Duryodhana.

The body is the bow granted by Brahma. But people do not put it to proper use. They succumb to Worldly desires, which leads to various illnesses and ultimately they are of no use either to themselves or to society. Do they at least make some garlands for the Lord, sweep the temple or take care of the temple gardens? They are wasting away this Brahma Dhanus that is the body. They are digging their own graves.