Thursday, September 27, 2018


Sri Sudheendra Theertharu, was looking for a successor to his math. He had a dream where the Lord indicated that Sri Venkatanatha would be the right person to succeed him as the pontiff. Sri Venkatanatha initially refused due to his responsibility towards his young wife and son but was soon blessed by the Goddess of Learning, where she in a dream indicated that he was to seek salvation as a Sanyasi. Sri Venkatanatha treated this as an omen and changed his mind. The sanyasa ordination took place in 1621 on the Phalguni Sukla Dwitiya at Tanjore.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


On reaching at kAshi, kumaragurupara sung sakala kalAvalli mAlai in praise of sarasvathi, praying her to bestow the skill of words. The blessings of vANi came as the boon when he had to convince the opponents about the glory of the Shaivism. He got to know Hindustani language by vANi's grace.

kumarguruparar wanted to meet with the bAdusha, in order to establish a mutt in kAshi. Though dArA was fair with other religions, kumarguruparar had to cross many obstacles to meet dArA. The blessed saint, who had the valiance of the spirituality, rode over a lion and went majestically into the court of dArA with all obstacle creators frightened. dArA realized the spiritual power of saint kumaraguruparar.He showed his respect to the saint. dArA had organized an inter-religious conference. He requested the saint to address the same. kumaraguruparar accepted the invitation and he spoke fluently in Hindustani language explaining the greatness of the philosophy of shaiva siddhanta. The audience were thrilled to know the glory of Shaivism. dArA bowed down to the saint and venerated him.