Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Heaven to Satyaloka

"In Kurukshetra, there once lived a sinful chandala named  Kalinga. He used to take young boys into the jungle and kill them, so that he could steal their gold and silver jewelry. At night, he entered houses to steal whatever he could find. He would accost  travellers in the forest, robbing and killing them.Once, a caravan of merchants travelled to Kurukshetra, for the occasion of a solar eclipse. After bathng, one of the merchants pro¬ceeded toward his  home, taking twenty soldiers with him. Kalinga, the chandala, followed him, hoping to steal his wealth. But, there was no chance, because the merchant was well-guarded.After going some distance, the  chandala became impatient. At night, he entered the camp. One of the guards saw him, though, and grabbed his legs as he passed by. The nosie awakened the others. The chandala ran away after  beating the one who had grabbed his feet. One of the soldiers then shot an arrow that pierced the fleeing Kalinga, killing him. Before dying, however, the chandala had managed to kill two of his  pursuers..

Just then it was seen that the three were stationed in the sky, sitting upon excellent vehicles. Kalinga and the two soldiers said, "This Haridvara is a very auspicious holy place. We three, after dying here,
are now going to heaven."

In the morning, the merchant cremated the bodies of the two slain soldiers. At that time, the two returned from heaven and said, "Because our remains were immersed in the  Ganga, we have attained the abode of Brahma. Because the thief s remains stayed upon the dry land, he went to Svarga. Find his body and then throw the remains in the water, so that he will also attain  Satyaloka. Good men should always act for the welfare of others."