Thursday, December 30, 2010


1. Brahmanda Purana has 12,000 verses, and describes the vedangas and the Adi Kalpa.
2. Brahmavaivarta Purana has 18,000 verses, and describes the glories and pastimes of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna.
3. Markandeya Purana ahs 9,000 verses, and tells the stories of Rama and Krsna.
4. Bhavisya Purana has 14,500 verses, and describes the glories of devotional service to Sri Krsna, along with the prediction of Lord Caitanya.
5. Vamana Purana contains 10,000 verses, and tells the story of Lord Trivikrama.
6. Brahma Purana has 10,000 verses, and describes the teachings of Lord Brahma to Daksa.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mahayogeshvara / Three Places

1.Parkham is where Lord Brahma tried to test the power of Krishna by stealing the cowherd boys and calves. Parikha means “to test.” At Balahara, Brahma stole the cowherd boys. Bala means “boys” and hara means “stolen”. After stealing the cowherd boys Brahma took them some distance away.

2.At Sei Brahma was bewildered by Krishna’s maya. After stealing the cowherd boys and calves, Brahma hid them. When he returned after a year, he saw the same boys and calves, which totally bewildered him.

3.It is said that at Caumuhan Brahma realized his great offense. He then placed his four heads on the ground at the feet of Krishna and then offered prayers to Krishna. Chowmatha (Comuha) means “four heads.”

How To Get Here Caumuhan is on the main Delhi-Agra road about 10km (6 miles) northwest of Vrindavana. Parkham is about 4km east of Caumuhan. Sei is about 5km northeast of Parkham. The roads to Parkham and Sei are not very good.

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