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Sarasvati River / Origin / Prabhas Kshetra / Unknown Facts / Seven

On being asked by Parvati about the emergence of river Saraswati at Prabhas Kshetra, Lord Shiva narrated the following tale to her-' The holy Sarswati flowing in Prabhas kshetra constitutes of five different streams- Harini, Vajrini, Nyanku, Kapila and Saraswati. Lord Vishnu once instructed Saraswati to carry 'Badwanal' (Submarine fire) and dump it in the ocean near Prabhas kshetra. After taking permission from Lord Brahma, Saraswati flew towards her destination.

Ganga became sad at her departure so she asked her as to how could she have a glimpse of her now that she was going to such a distant place. Saraswati consoled Ganga by saying that she would be able to see her whenever she looked eastwards.

The swift currents of Saraswati penetrated the earth and reached Patal Loka carrying Badwanal along with her.She continued to move beneath the ground towards her destination. As she reached Prabhas Kashetra, four learned sages, who were well versed in Vedas arrived there and invoked Saraswati to give them the privilege of separate bath by dividing herself in four different streams.The names of these sages were Hiranya, Vajra, Nyanku and Kapil. While Saraswati was about to comply with their request, suddenly Samudra arrived there and he too expressed the same wish. Thus Saraswati divided herself into five different streams- Harini, Vajrini, Nyanku, Kapila and Saraswati.

Eventually, when Saraswati reached near the ocean, Badwanal whom she was carrying was surprised to see the high tides rising in the ocean. He thought that the Samudra was frightened of his fury so he asked Saraswati- Why is the ocean scarred of me? Saraswati inflated his ego by saying that who would not be scarred of him. Badwanal was pleased and wanted to grant her a boon. Saraswati remembered Lord Vishnu, who instantly gave his divine appearance in her heart. She narrated the whole story and sought his advise. Lord Vishnu advised her to ask Badwanal to make his appearance small like the eye of a needle. Saraswati, following the advise of Lord Vishnu asked Badwanal to become small like a needle and keep sucking the ocean. Subsequently, Saraswati summoned Samudra and told him to accept Badwanal to which he agreed. This way Samudra devoured Badwanal, who continues to suck the water of the ocean even today as per the instructions given by Saraswati. It is believed that tides are nothing but the manifestation of Badwanal's exhalations. This was how Saraswati emerged in Prabhas kshetra.

Source : Prabhas Khand Skanda Purana  



Friday, March 25, 2016

World War and Peace

The sage Vashishtha meditated under water for twelve years. He wanted to become the most powerful person spiritually. When he came out of the water, he saw that his dearest disciple, Harishchandra, was in serious trouble.

The sage Vishwamitra had come to Harishchandra’s palace and asked him to do certain things. Because Harishchandra could not fulfil his promises, he had to leave his kingdom, sell his wife and child and take up work as an undertaker.

When Vashishtha saw that Harishchandra was undergoing so much suffering, he cursed Vishwamitra: “My dearest king is suffering at your hands,” he said.

“You are so cruel. I curse you! You will become a bird!”

In reply, Vishwamitra pronounced a curse on Vashishtha:

“You will immediately become a bird also!”

World War I 

O God, both of them became huge birds and they started fighting in the sky! While flapping their wings, they were destroying trees, houses, everything. The whole of creation was being smashed to pieces because they were fighting so ruthlessly.

Peace Effort I

When Brahma saw the destruction that was being wrought by these two huge birds, he decided to do something. He clipped their wings so that they could no longer fly.

World War II 

Although they could not fly, the two birds continued to fight face to face on the ground. Their fury showed no signs of abating.

Peace Effort II

Brahma observed them once again and said,

“What I have done is not enough. Without wings they are still bent on destroying each other. I can see that my entire creation will be destroyed in the process. I have to do something more.”

Brahma meditated for thousands of years to acquire power and finally he was able to trans-form the two birds back into human beings. When they took the form of men once more,

Brahma addressed them: 

“Are you not ashamed of yourselves? You cursed each other to become birds and then you fought ruthlessly. You were destroying the whole world because of your personal quarrel. Now at least remain as two ordinary human beings. Even ordinary human beings do not fight the way you have fought. I am not asking you to be saints. Just become decent human beings.”


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