Saturday, November 29, 2014

Flute Is Only Instrument That Is Played In All Corners Of World

The lyrical sound of the flute, often associated with Vrindavan, Lord Krishna and his numerous gopis, can also fill up auditoriums and big music halls without distorting its charming musical variations. 

Renowned Indian flautist Pandit Ronu Majumdar has tweaked the traditional flute by attaching a special high-tech mixer that brings out the clarity of various special effects which the ancient musical instrument is capable of producing. "I have brought a special German mixer through which one can enjoy the musical nuances like the echo, reverberation and folk style of the flute as well as control its sound", Pt Majumdar said. 

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia another world famous flautist adds, "the flute is not only one of the most ancient musical instrument, but its the only instrument that is played in all the corners of the world".

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