Tuesday, April 26, 2016


According to the Sthala History A debate came up in the Lord Brahma’s court hall (Brahma Sabha). It was about, who is the greatest among Durga (for courage), Lakshmi (for wealth) and Saraswathi (for wisdom). After a long debate, Lord Brahma gave a conclusion that Lakshmi is the supreme. Hearing this, Saraswathi got angry and walked away, leaving Brahma. Brahma tried convincing her and failed. Brahma went and prayed Lord Vishnu asking for a solution as he cannot live without Saraswathi. Lord Vishnu assured that he will try to bring down her anger.

Saraswathi took the form of a river named Vegavathi and started flowing through. Trying to stop her, Lord Vishnu lied in a reclining pose (Ranganathar) at Thiruvedhimangalam (Pallikonda). Knowing this, Saraswathi bypassed him adjacent to his feet and moved further. Lord Vishnu again went to another place along her route and stayed again in a reclining posture. This time Saraswathi cleverly bypassed him again above his head and went on.

Lord Vishnu decided to stop her some how and went and rested in another place again in the same posture obstructing her way. This time Saraswathi had to face Lord Vishnu obstructing her and was not able to move further beyond Him, as he is the supreme. Saraswathi’s anger subsided and she went into the earth at this third place where Lord Ranganatha reclined.

After this event, as Amba Raja was worshipping eagerly to have His Dharshan, Lord Vishnu came back to Pallikonda and gave Dharshan to Amba Raja. The king asked for a boon that the God should settle here and give Dharshan to everyone visiting this place. As the God settled here during his act of uniting Brahma and Saraswathi, the king prayed that He should grant boon for unmarried people and the separated couples visiting here. Lord Ranganathar agreed to it and granted his wish. Even today, it unmarried men or women who worship Lord Ranganathar here, get married soon. Also the couples, who have quarrels or separation in married life, get united upon worshipping Lord Ranganathar here.

  1. The first place where Lord Ranganatha tried stopping Saraswathi who was flowing as river Vegavathi (today’s Palar) is today’s Pallikonda. Here Palar flows at the down side of the Lord’s feet. 
  2. The second place where he attempted to stop her is called Thiruppaarkadal now, near Kaverippaakkam on the Bangalore highway. Here there is a Lord Ranganathar temple where Palar passes on the head side of the lord. 
  3. The third place where he finally stopped the river is called Thiruvekka, which is in Kanchipuram. There’s another Lord Ranganathar temple here again. In all the three places Lord Vishnu is seen in the reclined posture as Lord Ranganathar.